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About The Owl Eye Magazine

Why owls? This is the question that everyone always asks me when I tell them I create an publish an owl only magazine. Most magazines have a broader topic like Birds, or birds of prey, but why only owls? 

Owls have always been fascinating to me as child reading Greek mythology. Owls have stood for wisdom, battle tactics, knowledge and an animal that has access to secrets of universe. As I talk to more people about owls, I realize that this appeals to a great many people and there are real owl fans, an owl community and people that really want to support owl conservation.

This is where the magazine came in. I was studying to be a graphic designer in Chicago, and realized that there was no real publication dedicated only to owls, and being in graphic design school, I created a lot of projects that were owl-centric. I vocalized to my boyfriend that there was no owl magazine out there one day and he said, "well, why don't you just make one?". I thought, ha! That's crazy! I'm just one person and and a novice graphic designer at that. This will never work. Five minutes later, I thought, I should definitely do this. And there you have it; the Owl Eye Magazine was created.

The Owl Shop came about because I really wanted to create a platform where people could access the magazine readily plus have some owl products to boost my donations to owl organizations. 

I hope you find the shop to have some great items. I am constantly looking for new owl products. If you would like to see something in particular please email me at

Life is a HOOT!!